Swiss BioQuant

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Biomarker Quantitation

Swiss BioQuant has gained experience with analytical data on biomarkers from serum, plasma, CSF, urine, cell culture, tissue extracts, BALF, as well as other sample matrices. Determination of biomarkers might be useful for:

  • Indentifying responders versus non-responders
  • Expending indications for approved drugs/drug re-tasking
  • Predicting drug toxicity
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Investigation of pharmacodynamics 

HPLC-MS/MS Biomarker Assays

Swiss BioQuant develops and validates highly selective bioanalytical methods for the simultaneous quantitation of multiple biomarker peptides or epitope peptides of monoclonal antibodies in serum or plasma using 2D-UPLC-MS/MS with high selectivity, accuracy and precision required for biomarker quantitation.

ELISA Biomarker Assays

Swiss BioQuant provides ELISA biomarker assay development and validation for biomarker identification using different formats.